by Sherif Badr

There's rarely a topic that generates as much love, hate and confusion as music. In the 9th century, an "extraordinary character that was an absolute genius" started a conservatory of music to teach Spanish Muslims with. He created an instrument from the lute and today the Spanish call it guitarra morisca, or the Moorish guitar. One of the things music was used for at that time was healing to "treat those who are mentally ill." According to Hamza Yusuf, Turkey still teaches music therapy today. Traditionally, music with string instruments are considered unlawful in Islam, though the only mention of rhythm and sound in the Quran is positive. For example, that David is said to have been encouraged to sing! “And certainly We gave to David excellence from Us: O mountains! sing (Arabic Awwibi) praises with him and the birds [as well]" (Quran 34:10). The reasoning behind banning instruments in hardline Islam is that the soul is affected by sound made by the vibrations of strings etc, though singing a capella is indisputably allowed. There was another man in the early Islamic world that is said to have covered his ears when he heard music for the fear of the lasting impression it had on his memory. Even Plato is said to have called for a ban on music! Do you remember lyrics you heard as a child? Do lyrics ever repeat in your head almost without your will? 

As someone that is interested in positive thinking, one thing that is often said is that what you tell yourself and what you focus on become more real the more you do it. Tony Robbins is notorious for his "hour of power" which is literally just taking some time in the day to be grateful and think of big goals. Positive affirmations are basically phrases that one says over and over until they believe them. In the documentary now on Netflix "I Am Not Your Guru," Tony mentions going on runs and saying to himself over and over "I'm F#$%ing unstoppable, I'm F#$%ing unstoppable, etc." How do you think he feels after saying this for an hour while pounding the pavement?

Music has a way of implanting strings of words and phrases in your head. Positive music can be very beneficial if you're on a train of negative thoughts, almost like a "sharp shock to your soft side" (Yeah Yeah Yeah's). 

If the following play list and positive lyrics were a medicinal pill, it would be to cure the pain that comes with imitation, the foolishness that comes with forgetting your past and the fear that you are not good enough to be legendary. "Courage, my word. Courage, your word" (Tragically Hip).

Open wide, Buckley's style; even if it tastes bad you might benefit! 


Side Effects of the following tracks include great action, good vibes, and introspection. Small snippets of interviews may be included for inspiration, in the spirit of great movie Sound Tracks.

play all tracks below [click on snoop dogg]


1. 50cent and snoop

2. Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

3. Kiesza - No Enemiesz

4. X Ambassadors - Renegades

5. Jack U - Take you there

6. Tragically Hip - Courage

7. Ruth B - Lost Boy

8. Tragically Hip - Ahead by a Century

9. Fall Out Boy - Centuries

10. Lupe Fiasco - Superstar

11. Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push

12. Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push II

13. Lupe Fiasco - Muhammad Walks

14. Tom Waits - Make it rain

15. Tom Waits - Chicago

16. Will Smith:

17. Tom Waits - All the World is Green

18. B.I.G. - Juicy

19. Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

20. David Guetta - Titanium

21. OneRepublic - Counting Stars [Candice Sand with Culture Toronto]

22. OneRepublic - Let it go [Candice Sand with Culture Toronto]

23. Michael Jackson - Bad

24. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

25. Michael Jackson - They don't care about us

26. Bob Marley - War

27. Michael Jackson - Remember the time

28. Bang Bang - PSM Remix

29. Yeah Yeah Yeah - Heads will roll

30. Yeah Yeah Yeah - Soft Shock

31. Prodigy - Breathe

32. Prodigy - hot ride

33. The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

34. Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary

35. Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World

36. Utada Hikaru - Keep Trying [male version]

37. Sia - California Dreamin

38. Candice Sand - Go On [with Culture Toronto]

39. Rory Taillon - End Game [with Culture Toronto]

40. Bob Marley - I shot the Sherif (haha!)

41. Quintin Tarantino on Music in Films

Did we miss any songs that should be on the list?

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