The what box?!


The Foolish For Ghibli Box! In case you haven’t heard, Culture Toronto has been running its Foolish For Ghibli Double Feature events for years now and a huge component of that event is a merchandise table full of both imported Japanese merchandise and Toronto-artist made goods by Studio Otesei. However, many times we only order a few of something really awesome because we can’t anticipate (and pay in advance for) items that might not find a home. This is why for the first time ever, we are doing advance orders of a Foolish For Ghibli Box we believe any anime fan will adore!

You choose the plushy and get surprised by everything else!

What goes into a Foolish For Ghibli Box?

  1. The crowned jewel of a Foolish For Ghibli Box: a Studio Ghibli plushie

  2. A pair of Studio Ghibli socks

  3. A Studio Ghibli pen and/or A Studio Ghibli Pencil

  4. An official Studio Ghibli enamel pin

  5. Studio Ghibli Chopsticks

  6. A Ghibli notebook or calendar

  7. Japanese snacks

    Optional Studio Otesei Addition:

  8. A handmade Studio Otesei pin

  9. A Studio Otesei plaque or Shirt or Tote


A Box like this should cost over $230-$280, coming from Japan and depending on whether you get the Toronto artist collective addition.

Good news! This box starts at $100.

With the Studio Otesei addition, the Foolish For Ghibli Box is $150.

What type of items might be in your box?

The Foolish For Ghibli Box
from 100.00
What kind of box do you want?:

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