by Sherif Badr

The "Theme Song Bomb" was invented by Culture Toronto at Fan Expo 2016 in Toronto, Canada!

Theme Song Bomb
/THēm sôNG bäm/
1. The act of surprising a cosplayer with the theme song of the character or universe they are portraying.
e.g. "Culture Toronto Theme Song Bombed everyone at Fan Expo this year!"

I could've gone around and done an interview like "what does cosplay mean to you?" but it occurred to me that leaving people in a better happier mood is much more meaningful. It takes a lot to cosplay, let alone making the costumes before hand for weeks to months! Why not make someone feel like a hero for a moment?

Interesting side note, the very first time I attempted to make a video at a convention, I decided to do just that. The video "This is why I cosplay" before all the fancy Culture Toronto graphics still has amazing answers today!

What did you think!?

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