by Sherif Badr

TPASC Muay Thai Program founder and head instructor Sherif Badr

All I want before I die is to feel what Muhammad Ali felt here and for it to be honest and real. I want to shake up the world in my own way.


I've also had the pleasure of learning from everyone below that generously gave thoughts on Muhammad Ali when asked very randomly by me upon hearing about his death this year.

Inna Lillah wa inna ilaihi rajiun

Warrior Muay Thai's Zubair Khan

Muhammad Ali is one of my childhood heroes. To me, he represented truth, hope and self-confidence. Ali was a boxer, but his life is a story of overcoming adversity. From the challenges he received in the ring to the struggles he faced from imprisonment, racism and public criticism, he was always a voice for the oppressed, weak and less fortunate. For me and for many others around the world, Ali will forever be a voice in our minds and hearts that remind us that no matter how tough things get, remember that you can be “the greatest” and “impossible is nothing.”

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Pound 4 Poud's Saji Bolo

It is no secret that he floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, taking on and beating other great boxers even as an underdog.   This is one great reason to love Muhammad Ali, but why I see him as an important figure to me is because he also stood for what he believed in.  Chips stacked against him, Ali found himself fighting to avoid jail time for draft evasion during the Vietnam war.  Like a true champion he fought this to the end until the Supreme Court overturned his conviction.  Truly a champion inside and outside of the ring! 

Scarberian Boxing's Daron aka daron abdullah laban

Muhammad Ali is important to me because he was more than just a boxing champion. Their were many champions before and after him but none were like him. He was special. He believed in God and loved people, even his enemies and adversaries grew to love him. His skill was exceptional and his courage was admirable by all. He helped me understand that boxing shouldn't be an end in itself. It could be a means to something much greater.

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