by Sheba Arifullah

Last week has been a very busy one for most Canadians.  First, there was the election, followed by the wins and losses of the Jays (I know, it’s still too soon for some, so I’m sorry for bringing it up again!)  Then Drake released his Hotline Bling video, which had caused quite a stir (though to be honest, the vines that teased him about it, and his dancing moves were far more entertaining, but some people were losing their minds over it). 

Amongst all of the hullabaloo (legit, we need to bring this word back into our vocabulary) the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was released: 

Of course the teaser had us riled up and ready to journey back with some of our beloved characters like Chewie, Han, Luke, and Leia. while introducing us to some newer characters, for instance Rey, Finn, and the BB-8 droid.  The trailer of course shows us more about Rey and Finn, as well as bringing up the force, the Jedi, and hinting at the past movies.  In addition, it gives us a glimpse of what I can only assume is Darth Vader’s successor!  

How did I react?  Well I geeked out, fan-girled, and squealed while watching the entire thing. If you were anticipating a different reaction, well then you haven’t picked up on how I am easily excitable! December seems so far away!  This is probably one of the things I am absolutely thrilled about, and look forward to in December (not looking forward to the cold, bleak winter though).  I’m sure it will be as amazing as the other films (Jar Jar Binks aside), plus, with J.J. Abrams track record with the Star Trek series, I’m sure its in good hands. Can you imagine being able to say that you have work on Star Trek, AND Star Wars?  He has achieved ultimate geekness! 

While the trailer did not show them, Lupita Nyong’o, and Andy Serkis are in the movie as well, which has me even MORE excited!  A few questions remain though, mainly, how were the force and the Jedi forgotten?  It's possible that because it was so peaceful, there was no need for the Jedi, or the force, and they quietly turned to myth and legend. Plus, is Rey the offspring of Leia and Han? How does Finn fit in? I can see a scenario with Luke that gives birth to Finn but I don't want to speak too soon. J.J. Abrams is intentionally not revealing their last names because he wants their origins to be surprises.  We don't want to know EVERYTHING before we go see the movie!

Naturally, I already have tickets to opening night thanks to a friend who took the reins on this and got the tickets for our group of friends, because otherwise, I would have had to wait (and we all know what waiting is like for someone who is easily excitable…torture is what it is, in case you were wondering).  My calendar is already marked, and now I’m wondering if I should buy myself a BB-8 droid by Sphero because it looks wonderful, and I need it in my life. Okay, I don’t NEED it, but I WANT it in my life! 

So yes, I am quite excited about the movie because I am easily excitable (reason number 555 why I’m #perpetuallysingle), and will be counting down the days until the movie is out (argh, waiting is the worst!)  So until then (and until my next article), “May the force be with you!”

P.S. Culture Toronto went to the Lightsaber Battle at Nathan Phillips Square last Saturday. So full of energy on a drizzly night. The geek love was strong and epic there. See some battles between the light and dark side here:

P.P.S. Speaking of Drake’s Hotline Bling, and Star Wars, you should check out the Star Wars Edition here:

What are you excited for most in the new Star Wars movie? Finn? Rey? Kylo Ren?

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