by Sherif

I remember watching @battle angel Alita as a young lad. This was on VHS, and my big brother had rented it with the limited funds we had. I'd never felt the discrepancy between the rich and the poor like it was depicted in my whole life. I remember one scene even now, where a character just wanted a taste of life on that floating city.. I think I cried. Ok I cried lol.

I was so young, and in my little bubble, I'd never even seen poor people yet. Now I work in the heart of downtown, and well, not only do I see people struggling living on the street, but I myself still wonder what life is like for some above me, materially. The better the job I get, the less I exhaustedly work, the more money I make, and the better life is. I was joking around about this with a coworker and he agreed, recalling his retail days, saying "ya maybe one day we'll be CEOs and just do nothing!" Anyways, this idea of the wealthy above and the poor below would be rekindled a few times, by movies like Gattaca. That final swim scene gets me every time...

So why the hell am I thinking of Battle Angel Alita in 2017? Well check out the movie trailer:

While this brought back memories of my first encounter with the bitterness of the impoverished, I was so delighted to see this trailer that I had to write about it tout suite. And with Christopher Waltz who is just splendid wherever you catch him, even in Django Unchained, I think these guys already have my money when the movie gets released! Like Tarantino, Direct Robert Rodriguez isn't for everybody but I like his style - he direct Sin City, Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn and more! The director is so key to a good story. Plus, James Cameron is the producer, so... cue dark horn sounds and epicness.

In any case, that poor Hugo who decided to climb the tubes for a glimpse at "material paradise" above, I really can't hate on him too much. I can sympathize with what it's like to be jealous, angry even, at how easy some people have it. The only advice I would give Hugo and those struggling for a better tomorrow is that if you're all in, you can find a way, and that as cliche as it seems, we are often times the ones holding ourselves back - drop the baggage and soar already, what are you waiting for?