by Amanda

How would you define good art or design? It can be hard to put into words. As you walk through OCADU's 103rd Annual Graduate Exhibition you are encountering over 900 emerging artists. When you encounter so many, and when you've been going to these shows for over a decade, it actually starts to become easier to pick out your favourites. 

One of the last rooms we saw was room 140, featuring Sculpture and Installation artists, Cleo Halfpenny, Alison MacPhail, and Cotey Pope. At our first perusal it looked as if the room was the work of one artist. Each of their projects had a very whimsical,  almost child-like innocence to them. It was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the more serious themes that seemed more predominant this year than in years past. 

I'm glad we visited on a Friday before the huge crowds that normally fill the rooms on the weekend. We watched the endearingly awkward humour of "The Cotey Show," played with every single amazingly playful sculpture of Cleo's, and just hugged and carted around Alison's giant bug plushies as we just simply fell in love with the lightheartedness of the room.

What was good art for me yesterday? Art that made me feel some of the small, simple joys of life. 

There's still time to visit the show on Sunday from 12-4. Don't miss out!