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On Nov 1st, we had our first Axe Throwing event which was a pretty stellar followup to our Archery Tag event. You can watch the axe throwing antics below to a sweet remix of Alicia Keys' Falling - aptly appropriate given all the poor axes that hit the floor that day. To my brother in the dreads, I'm sorry man, the Big Hero 6 Wasabi reference was just too tempting to leave out of the video:

One conversation that sticks out in my mind was when someone mentioned to me that events are awesome, but "you can't put them on your resume." That got me thinking, why should anybody make room for this kind of thing in their life? What's the value in throwing axes or doing archery tag or the next crazy thing Culture Toronto comes up with (sword fighting seminar for noobs)?

For me, the value in something like axe throwing goes back to the role of culture itself - "culture" being art, music, books, rules for doing things we learn from our different tribes... 

Culture is always about elevating the routine and in doing that, letting us humans reap the benefits, which are many: a chance to see things differently, inspiration for new ideas and new thinking, the reminder that there's more to life than the routines we get caught in by necessity.

Culture is the mark of a developed society, but even more, of a well rounded life. It makes us uncover hidden strengths, makes us wonder, and live in the moment. It might not be on your work resume, but the things Culture Toronto is doing will find a happy place on your life resume. Nobody is lying on their death bed wishing they threw less axes and shot less arrows. And you would be surprised how much the activities we do on the side can factor into make us more interesting (i.e. hire-able) candidates than the next person that chose the safe and boring path.

For me, there's more to the events than deep meaning. I'm always amazed when I see people shine that I didn't expect to. One person nearly cracked the glass on their friend's helmet at archery tag,  and was saying "head shot, long range, no scope" the whole night (counterstrike reference FTW). And did anybody expect those people that got bullseyes at axe throwing to get them? It's like watching a baby just get up and start walking when you see naturals while the rest of us struggle.

More importantly, we are social creatures and just need fun. So come out and have fun with us next time! 

What do you want Culture Toronto's next event to be?

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