by Sherif Badr

I'm convinced that if Trump has consensual sex with his daughter people wouldn't even care. They'd be like "YAAAA, the king does what he wants. Have you seen his daughter? She's smoking hot." This guy was born to win this lol.. and I had no idea why BUT I finally figured it out; the Trumps are Targaryens. 

1. the nearly white hair, and the uniqueness of Trump's hair

2. the obsession of the wall / dark forces exist beyond the wall

3. open touching and claiming he'd be dating his daughter, the hinting at their relationship

4. the madness of being above the law - listen to him talk about Mexico, just listen to a solid hour and try to make sense of it. He's like speaking a language I don't even understand. It's like it's not real. Plus, he does what he wants and it really doesn't matter.

Could Trump's campaign have been using Game of Thrones to somehow tap into sentiments that were built in the show? 

I suppose by watching Game of Thrones you do come to certain conclusions:

1. The look of white hair is cool. You need only go to Fan Expo to see all the Khaleesis 

2. The wall is good / there are wildlings and white walkers beyond it

3. Royals are justified in keeping their line pure as they are literally superior beings immune to fire. This also relates to the purity of his skin colour which is simply felt in his campaign. 

4. Kings can do what they want - we didn't flinch when Robert had dozens of whores, or when Joffrey was being a bitch, or when Rob got arrogant and married who he wanted only to be killed #redweddingwhygodwhy - ok we flinched a little

 Dammit Joffrey

Dammit Joffrey

Wait a second though, culture doesn't really affect how people vote does it? Oh wait... 

Look I have watched hours of footage of Trump, my eyes are bleeding, but I still wouldn't know basic things about Trump's campaign unless I really really dig. Ask yourself:

  • Do you know where Trump stands in terms of his foreign policy?
  • Do you clearly know how he's going to make America great again? He's not the first person to say there needs to be "more jobs." And after the wall is built, people are not going to be rich.
  • Did he even discuss what 50% goal accomplishment looks like? At first he was going to build a wall, a great amazing awesome wall. Now he's ok with it having "fence segments." Next thing you know it'll just be a fence lol.

Will Trump pop off with the nuclear codes mad king style? Will a descendant of the Trump line be the only hope? I DON'T KNOW WHATS REAL ANYMORE lol.

BURN THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

Did you see other similarities with Game of Thrones and this election?

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