by Garnet Nagato

One day, when I have begat an heir, and my progeny has begat an heir, I will be watching as my sub-spawn readies the PlayStation 9 (hey remember the commercial for this?)

The administration apparatus will not be unlike a Symbicort inhaler, but this is no bronchodilator. This is Final Fantasy XXVII and Nomura, Uematsu, Amano and all the rest have been preserved through technological genius to make this game. It’s just been released with fanfare, namely because this will mark a milestone in the videogame canon. I will be fascinated, frightened even, but even I will understand this to be a seminal milestone. 

But what of that other milestone work from my time?

Final Fantasy VII, verging on cultural relic now - what with it having been almost twenty years - is getting a makeover and a few scant details have been released on the progress. There is a trailer here that reminds us of the inherent difficulties of having swords versus guns (even if it’s a really big sword) and keeping things even remotely believable. 

It is set to be released episodically, which probably would have raised an eyebrow at one point but isn’t all that unorthodox anymore.  Actually, wait, it did raise eyebrows with the cynical accusation of this being a cash grab (well, I don’t think we can doubt that it is) and Yoshinori Kitase has taken to the internet to remind the world that this is a function of the sheer scale of the remake.

But you can’t please everyone and someone will grumble no matter what.

We have no idea when this is being released but we do know that now it will be fully voiced, according to director Tetsuya Nomura. Mini games have been promised, hopefully snowboarding. FFVII appears to be turn based still, which is something that maybe the fanbase is starting to move on from and is a debatable element, but again with a remake it would be impossible to please everyone. Debatable is also having an open world, though Nomura has expressed interest in the ability of character actions to change the environment around them.

The polished realism of the Remake is in contrast with the cute saturation of the World of Final Fantasy

(in concurrent production), which ostensibly is being created to draw in younger fans; hence the chibi cute. Another trailer was released recently: 

Which does make one wonder how long Square Enix can persist in its own self-referential world, substantial and fascinating as it is. We see Cloud again, and mandragoras even. 

Most interesting though is an element of befriending monsters, in something reminiscent of the Dragon Quest games. 

Speaking of which, Dragon Quest Builders – which is exactly the kind of game I can’t afford to lose time to right now – has released additional information on the Minecraft-esque world. There is a new section to explore; a volcanic region called Myra and a rail car system that looks a lot like what Minecraft has. 

No signs of evasive metal slimes yet though it would be a safe bet. Dragon Quest Builders is set to be released in Japan in late January, though no news on an American release. Oh and

the commercial is a kind of depressing reminder of the crushing ennui and dissatisfaction of our crap lives. 

Do you think the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a big deal?

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