Let's make winter warmer in toronto this december

From winter 2015: "...a homeless man was found in a bus shelter at Yonge and Dundas wearing only a T-shirt and jeans. The day before, a homeless man in his 60s was discovered in an abandoned truck in a shipping yard in the west end of the city." Culture Toronto thinks potentially saving a life right here, maybe even at Yonge and Dundas, is worth it:

“Whoever saves one life, saves all of humanity.”

Charity and helping those in need is prescribed in every religion and every sound way of life. The most successful people in life are tremendous givers, many of them donating much of their wealth to charity. Unfortunately when it comes to charity, we often start looking abroad when there are people that need our help right next door; we see them every day downtown. We have a homeless issue in Toronto and this winter is going to be brutal.



  • Our goal is to raise $1,000 to make a real difference in Toronto!
  • Based on the success of this initial campaign, we hope to help even more people next time!


  1. $10 donation perk is a special thank you that is on the Culture Toronto at culturetoronto.com/warmbackpacks
  2. $25 donation perk is a special thank you on the Culture Toronto website + a personal thank you video from Culture Toronto 
  3. $50 donation perk is a special thank you on the Culture Toronto website + a personal thank you video from Culture Toronto + a 2 for 1 pass to Culture Toronto athletic / warrior events 
  4. $100 donation perk is a special thank you on the Culture Toronto website +  a 2 for 1 pass to Culture Toronto athletic / warrior events + Violin Girl will make a personal thank you video playing your favourite anime/disney theme song 

Donate by credit card here:

DONATE HERE! We will make a difference. promise.

You can also donate via PayPal by clicking a link below:

If you have warm mitts, tuques, or backpacks that you'd like to contribute please contact us at cultoronto@gmail.com and we will try to arrange a way to get them for the #Warmbackpacks

So far we have raised


for #warmbackpacks in Toronto


This winter, Toronto will be a little warmer because of the #WarmBackPacks filled by these generous donors and sponsors:

Sherif Badr

Dillon Jagersky

Sheriff Ahmad

Rufio Luey

Maria Ahmed

Mohammad Tabieh

Sheba Arifullah

Ahmed Hussaini

Sean Wang

Deborah Mills


Anis & Diana

Qasir Sheikh

Bashir Egeh

Shela Block

Adila El-Korazati

Hashim Farooq

Will Liang

Carol Kuzmochka

Al & Linda McCormand

Rami Elmasry

Marie Lyne Tuepah

Jess RA

Wilson Chen


How many back packs will $100 fill?

  • we are shooting for approximately $25/backpack that will create at least 4 backpacks for every $100 we raised

What is in a #WarmBackPack from Culture Toronto?

  • Items included are either to help survive or to help restore self-worth
  • SURVIVAL ITEMS: a backpack, warm mitts, warm thermal socks, warm thermal blanket, thermos or reusable water bottle
  • SELF-WORTH ITEMS: deodorant, face cloth, nail clippers, toiletries such as tampons for women, toilet paper, a hair brush, shampoo, mint, gum, a tooth brush, tooth paste, reading materials, list of numbers for support, jar of peanut butter

Why support Culture Toronto's charity as opposed to others?

  • Video proof that your donation reached those in need
  • helping fellow Torontonians
  • awesome initiative that hits close to home

Culture Toronto will do everything in its power to make sure these #warmbackpacks go to those who need it.


Donating at least $50 gets you a 2 for 1 Ticket to athlete/warrior events like some of these*

*artist events do not apply to 2 for 1 passes given