Shihori x Culture Toronto

Shihori wants to perform at Foolish for ghibli

Shihori is a big deal in Japan. She wrote the composition for the ending of Fairy Tail ED, for "Tsuyogari" from Beelzebub ending credits, and "Millenalio" from The Irregular of Magic High School.

Shihori also wrote the lyrics for "Universal Bunny" from Macross Frontier The Movie, for "Glory!" Ace of Diamond and the game Princess Connect RE:Drive collaborated with Kohei Tanaka, who of course is the composer of One Piece!

How do we bring her?

  • She wants to play music and sing for you at a Foolish for Ghibli event BUT we will need to  raise $1000 (about the value of 20 regular tickets) to get her here. 
  • If you donate $20, you will get your name on a thank you page on
  • If you donate $50, you will get an autograph from Shihori
  • If you donate $100  you will also get 1 ticket to any FFG event
  • If you donate $150, you will also be able to take a pic with Shihori given you're coming the day she performs!

When will this happen?

At the next #FoolishForGhibli after goal is reached!

Currently we have raised $100/$1000 - help with anything!

Sponsor Shihori to perform!


Thank you to our donators: SB