[3months, 12 sessions] Culture Toronto's Warrior Arts Club

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[3months, 12 sessions] Culture Toronto's Warrior Arts Club



  • Positive environment to start or continue learning martial arts with time to explore and ask questions
  • Fundamentals of striking, grappling, throwing and swordplay 
  • Goal oriented training, good times and stress release
  • Challenging opportunities to contribute if you are up to the task
  • Opportunities for class trips (i.e. lets hit an archery range! throw knives! axes!)

Dear reader,

The martial arts are an important part of many cultures that open our minds, strengthen our bodies, and bring us together with people we may not otherwise have ever known.

Culture Toronto has taken many of you on many martial arts adventures from learning the European broad sword, the Filipino art of Kali or even archery. We've introduced you to many experts where over several hours we learn some great techniques from some of the best teachers, however, it is a shame that as the weeks progress without regular practice, that progress dwindles, and some techniques are forgotten - there is also something valuable in the intersections between warrior arts that may occur to us over meeting different trainers and exploring different styles. Culture Toronto would like to present a unique training opportunity where we will explore striking, grappling and swordplay in a positive, encouraging, non-dogmatic environment. Come join Culture Toronto's Warrior Arts Club!

Learn, hone your techniques and strengthen your body while embodying principles of success! We're going to have a ton of fun!

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