What is Culture Toronto?
Culture Toronto is an experience hub in Toronto dedicated to helping Torontonians enjoy the best of what they love. "Meet and Experience" is the mantra we live by, and while we love to write compelling articles and shoot great videos, the best form of bringing experiences through hosting outstanding events. 

Come out with the tribe.

Its been said that it takes 10,000 hours to really master something. Even the best of us take years to reach that figure, squeezing in 2-3 hour sessions a couple of times a week to hone our crafts.  Think of Culture Toronto as time in your pocket. 

Instead of spending years trying to penetrate the cultures (or as we call them "activity tribes")  that you may or may not like, we save you your most valuable asset time. We dive deep into these cultures ourselves to provide premium content on what we think are the best experiences and the people that help keep them alive.  We get beyond the surface so you can quickly find what new things will make your life better! We “go past the curtain” and try to provide the thorough, unvarnished reality you may find some of our content controversial as result.

What do you love doing? Each of those loves has a culture.

“Culture is the sum of practices, languages, symbols, beliefs, values, ideologies, and material objects that people create to deal with real-life problems. Cultures enable people to adapt to, and thrive in, their environments.”(1)

Big wigs at places like Harvard think of culture as a spark to spontaneous thinking that can wake a person or even society up from living a mundane life. Our definition includes the rituals that athletes, students and professionals use to be the best. We'll help you learn how to dance, give a speech like a pro, paint or enjoy something like opera or ballet. Even when things aren't for you, you'll know why people like them and the best places to do them.

We report on important news that we see shaping your world, and sometimes just do cool segments for their own sake. Culture Toronto is a project with global aspirations we're starting from Toronto and working outwards. The team is resourceful, highly creative, educated and smart.

There are two ways to navigate this digital magazine. One is to use our existing categories like art or music to delve into cultural content for which you already have an interest. Or risk a little randomness and explore the icons on the Culture Toronto home page. Use them to discover new activities and experiences both in Toronto and beyond and discover new culture to love.


Thanks so much for checking us out!

Sherif and The Culture Toronto team

1. Brym, Lie and Rytina. Sociology, Your Compass for a New World. 3rd Ed. 2010


I was given and robbed.
I was given more and robbed blind.
I was given even better and they took it back openly.

My breast expanded.
I stretched out. 
I stood up straight. 
I threw away the bullshit. 
I rolled up my sleeves. 
I grabbed a sword. 
I lead the charge. 
I fought on the vanguard. 
I shot arrows. 
I became a blacksmith. 
I gave perfects gifts.
I gave other people happiness.
We won together because we gave.

Giving is all there is.