by Sherif Badr

Anime North was flooded this year with epic League Of Legends cosplays. We saw some outstanding megamen, Attack on Titan ferrets, one Diva Plavalaguna that you just couldn't miss, and a Rick Grimes that made our day. Thanks again to all the cosplayers that make Anime cons worth going to even when those hosting the event can be ridiculous.

If you recognize anyone in this montage please call them out!! 

In Order of Appearance:
- Diva Plavalaguna
- Rick Grimes
- Attack on Titan Ferrets
- Ryu
- Roller Thugs
- Goku and Vegeta
- Uriel
- Cute red spotted thing
- Megaman, Megaman X, Zero, Protoman
- Vi (LoL)
- Elise (LoL)
- Garen Crownguard (LoL)
- Ahri (LoL)
- Azir (LoL)
-Ezrael (LoL)
-Gnar (LoL)
-Quinn (LoL)
-Riven (LoL)
- Raiden
- black dragon red eyes
- rei ayanami
- Link (Wind Waker)
- mid riff
- batgirl
- angel
- harley quinn
- mass effect
- big guns
- deathpool
- spidermen
- wrestler
- icarry
- daredevil
- devil bunny
- kill la kill

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