by Sherif Badr

As I was sabotaging my wife's handmade Halloween goodies, it just dawned on me why I really enjoy cosplay and aside from all the devilish/scary stuff, sometimes Halloween. I think what makes me interested is that it provides an opportunity to be original and creative, and for real creative mofos, they are dying for this opportunity.

the legendary homemade Halloween treats by Amanda DLC.

the legendary homemade Halloween treats by Amanda DLC.

Some of us will be stuck at work this Halloween, but instead of bringing in a box of count chocula or a cake from the local grocery store, people will bring in handmade concoctions of love. Why? What does this mean? In no way, shape or form will your cosplay or the goodies you bring in to work help you keep a job, however, it'll bring you yourself joy and possibly make your coworkers think you're more interesting? Why? Because all of a sudden, instead of doing the easy thing that everyone else is doing, you're doing something unique, something original, something - YOU. 

Tonight there will be many Harley Quinns and Jokers... And then, shining like obsidian in the moonlight, there will appear something like this... Ashe's cosplay's never disappoint! CHECK OUT HER WINGS HERE.

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon?!?!?! NO WAIIIII

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon?!?!?! NO WAIIIII

It might sound cheesy but people are dying for you to be you. The more you are trying to be what others want, the more they'll think you're faking and being inauthentic. In fact, you yourself are dying to offer your unique gifts and the truth is everyone around you is also dying for you to make it happen.

These handmade goodies are already original, but I wanted to mess around and make something so I thought I'd try my hand. It's obvious the unique ones stand out, your eyes immediately gravitate towards them. Knowing that though, make sure you're attracting the attention you want in the way you want. That desire to be original and unique and known for your unique gifts and beauty can lead you astray.

Lately, for example, I've seen a lot of proponents for hairy armpits... Yes, having extremely hairy armpits will make you unique but is that the way to be remembered? "He really stood for things, and his armpits, wow, such long strands of curly hair!!" Even when all the evidence suggests more hair means more body odour and more bacteria and more probability for lice and stuff? Body builders shave for a reason right?

Women will always be beautiful but this is going to take a while...

Anyways, I digress, but you want to make sure you're being original in a really awesome positive way, not just in any way to be different. Your unique gift is the key to your happiness and everybody's sanity. You may be the one that shows us all the way!

Have fun this Halloween and in all the crazy dress up and fun opportunities it offers. Here's a spooky black magic spell to help you decide to give your gifts already before we all just say fuck it and dress up like Harley Quinn and the Joker in that exact same store bought version from Hot Mart or whatever.. ;)

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