With comic con season in full spring, it’s time to look at ten cosplays that you’ll be able to find and identify at any big time expo or small time con(not ranked).



This is pretty obvious. Between the onscreen attention Avengers, Iron Man, Spiderman, and X-men have received lately, this is possibly the most cosplayed universe.


Popular this year:  Loki, Thor, Ms. Marvel, and the undeniably handsome Deadpool.



Featuring Anthony Misiano as Harley’s Joker alongside Nightwing and Starfire. Anthony’s the most recognized Joker cosplayer on the internet. Check out his FB page!

Of course we can’t deny Marvel’s counterpart, the jelly to the jam, the Ying to the Yang, the dark knight to---okay, okay. You can be sure to find plenty of Justice League cosplay even in the most untraveled parts of the con realm.


Extra attention this year:  Batman, Nightwing (Female), Wonder Woman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Flash



Besides the comic universe, Star Wars is one of the most common and easily recognizable cosplays around. The 501st Legion is a Toronto based organization that specializes in building Star Wars replicas The group consists of nearly 6500 Star Wars enthusiasts, from over 45 countries that build their own costumes. Here in Toronto, every year Fan Expo hosts the 501st legion parade, where +100 storm troopers and bounty hunters gather and March underneath the direction of the Dark Lord himself.


Consistently most popular:  Storm Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Darth Vader, Princess Leia


^Yes this is a fan-made cosplay (they’re actually married). Check out his amazing  work on his devvy.

This stealth-action-open adventure game has taken the fandom community by storm. A relatively new contestant in this cosplay world, Assassin’s Creed reached acclaim in 2007 due to its unique historic and immersive gameplay style. Now it’s amongst the most common and, unexpectedly expensive cosplays around.


Most popular:  Ezio, Connor, Altair, Aveline 
Newest fad:  Female Assassin, Pirate Assassin


Street Fighter revolutionized the words “button mash” with its addictive arcade game play in the late 80’s. Who doesn’t like smashing cars to bits or aiming for that killer combo? Time and time again you can be sure to find cosplayers ready to strike a pose in skin tight spandex.


Classic cosplays:  Chun li, Ryu, Ken, Cammy
Gaining popularity:  Vega, Sakura


“Get over here!” Okay, the movie was cheesy, but it also contributed to skyrocketing the popularity of this franchise. Known for its intense attention to violence, graphics, and Fatalities, Mortal Kombat can be considered the mature brother of Street Fighter. Kinda. In a “I’m-your-sightly-less-than-sane-gore-obessed-only-desire-to-pull-off-the-best-Fatality-ever” sorta way.


Always a must:  Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, Mileena, Kitana, Sonya


Final Fantasy is interesting in that… whether you’ve played the games or never touched a PlayStation, you’ll be able to pick out some signature characters. And understandably so, given that it’s been nearly 25 years since the creation of FF I (Hint: We’re at FF XIV). That’s nearly 25 years to play, watch, or otherwise learn about some of the most recognizable characters.


Consistently appearing:  Cloud, Yuna, Rikku, Sephiroth, Tifa
Most popular as of late:  Lightning


Oh you British. A half century later, 11 Doctors, and a massive cult following that has only grown over the years. What’s more to say?  <EXTERMINATE>


Top time traveling cosplays:  Dr. Who, Dalek


This is a scene from BeatDown Boogie’s  Modern Warfare Metal Gear parody. Check them out!

I’m guilty of enjoying CoD as much as the next 13 year old pre-pubescent boy. No…wait. Anyway, cosplays from the Call of Duty universe are common mostly because of the ease at which to create the modern solider look. Paint ball, Airsoft, and hunting enthusiasts mostly just wear their gear and add the odd CoD embellishment. Who doesn’t like to look like a bad ass spec op with an intimidating skull for a face?


Most common:  Ghost, modern  spec op, World at War generic soilder


Ahh…The Metal Gear franchise. Espionage, stealth, philosophy, and a whole lot of screwed up government and longwinded codex calls. Between reading porn mags and hiding in boxes, what’s not to love? Pro tip: For the possibly simplest and most passionate cosplay, all you need is a box—preferably with a hole to look out of. Also grunt a lot. Bonus points for tranquilizing while hidden. There you have it. Snake-in-a-box.


Most popular:  Box-Snake, Snake (Solid, Naked), Greyfox, Meryl
Newest fad:  Cyborg-Raiden


Members of the 405th Infantry Division

More and more, we’re seeing increasingly complex and greater quality armor from the Halo universe. Realistic Mjolnir armor can run you up thousands, and let’s not mention the weapons. Suffices to say, Halo is one of the most expensive cosplays around.

Similar to 501st legion, 405th Infantry Division is an organization of Halo enthusiasts that create and wear Halo costumes for videos, cosplays, and special events.  Stony Propsmakes and supplies many realistic props used in videos and at events, from Metroid armor to rocket launchers.


Staple cosplays:  Master Chief, Cortana, UNSC Marines
Gaining increasing popularity:  Noble Team, Spartan V

Anddd….there we have it! Oh, honorable mention:  Guy Fawkes mask, generic steampunk, Alien/Predator.

 See you at Fan Expo!