by Sherif Badr

Apple’s done it again with the new Apple Pencil! Like other Apple products, Apple has taken what is really just old technology and cleaned it up, made it appear more organic and put it out there like they’re the first ones to do it. Even the name “pencil” is more natural and gritty sounding than “pen,” isn't it?  All the features in the Apple Pencil presentation below are admittedly amazing but there's nothing innovative here. All the features have been done and done well already: pressure sensitivity, tilting of the pencil, accurate stroke reading, paper-like feeling, etc.:

The sad thing is that the Apple Pencil is probably going to sell like hot cakes. Grandparents and small children will feel much more comfortable with an iPad + Apple Pencil combo than anything else and have probably never been able to access technology like this so easily. There's something seemingly spill proof about the duo. Apple even takes a weakness in their pencil, namely that it needs a battery, and they present it as something cool and positive.

I mean look at that close up of what could be you plugging your Apple pencil into the iPad - it's nearly erotic!

Meanwhile, Wacom’s cintiq tablet has been out since 2007, and the pen doesn’t require a battery. Not portable enough? Fujitsu’s TM700 laptops are Wacom enabled and also have pressure sensitive screens and battery free pens, and they too are old. But hey, Wacom and Fujitsu are not Apple.

If you're going to shell out the money for an iPad and Apple pencil, don't you deserve a fully functional laptop as well?

The advertising of the Apple Pencil is an example of Apple marketing geniuses at their best!

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