Have you ever seen Floyd Mayweather's insane pad work routines? It's amazing. He doesn't even look at the pads the drills are so ingrained in his muscle memory. Where else have I seen this kind of memorization of a motor task? Oh yeah, Dance Dance Revolution fanatics can also memorize sequences of hundreds of little movements (steps vs punches) and perform them with their eyes closed too. In this video, we want you to play OUR take on DDR to learn how to box like pretty boy Floyd. Think of this as a super elite Mayweather Boxing mode - so punch along!

Anybody up to the challenge? If the music's too fast, click "Switch Track" in the vid.

Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other, shoulder width apart and know this legend:
1 - lead punch (jab)
2 - rear punch (cross)
3 - lead hook (like stirring a big pot with a giant spoon, thumb up)
4 - rear hook
5 - lead uppercut
6 - rear uppercut
poppy - dropping elbows to block the body
slip - just step back slightly for now
block - use your lead shoulder to block
duck - use your knees, not your back!

Special thanks to JansportJ for providing the original track "Golden" and to Pierre for memorizing the sequence first and for pulling out his camera phone.