by Sheba Arifullah

You may ask, “What is The Gentlemen’s Expo?”  This is the exact question I asked myself when I heard that Culture Toronto would be attending and covering the expo.  In fact, I did not even know such an expo existed, though it has been around for a couple of years now (for anyone interested, it was founded in 2013).  The first thing I did (as any individual would) was Google the expo to see what things I would find.  What I found, had me intrigued!  There were photos of men in beards and suits (swoon), gadgetry, cars, and of course food and drink.  I decided (at beards and men) that I would volunteer as tribute to write an article, take photos, and do some interviews, because I was genuinely interested in attending.  

To my great pleasure, there were even more men in beards and suits than I ever imagined (it was my personal heaven to be in a room with that many dapper gentlemen!).  This of course was not the only thing at the expo (sure, it was the main thing that piqued my interest); there were many vendors who boasted custom suits, shirts, as well as many other unique products (wooden frames, which I purchased, and look forward to wearing!)  

Now, being a woman (in case you did not get that), I thought that perhaps I would not fit in, or would feel uncomfortable being at an expo catered to men, but I can easily say that I was not!  Sure there were many pretty women there to entice men to purchase their products, but it was not so overwhelming that I wanted to leave or anything.  I found that it was just a great venue to display some amazing products (the pocket watches had me drooling!)  I also learned quite a bit about satellite boxes (I have apparently been a little behind with technology), had an interesting discussion about investments, and even got to be adventurous by jumping off a platform onto an airbag!  It was a fun place to be!  Yes, it was catered to men, but there was definitely something there for everyone!


One group of gentlemen I interviewed were there for a coworkers' birthday.  I thought that was such a unique way to spend someone's birthday; just walk around, but get to see amazing products, and maybe buy some interesting things as well (and might I also add, they were all appropriately dressed for the occasion).  

I'm not going to lie, this was probably the perfect event for the #perpetuallysingle to attend!  Unfortunately, the geek is strong within me, so I would never have actually sought out any of the gentlemen (and let's be honest, anyone I found remotely attractive was already taken) but still, so many bearded suited men (I keep mentioning it, but it was just so wonderful!) Also, I'm quite clueless (particularly when focused on a task), so if anyone had been remotely interested, I would not have noticed (seriously, the geek is far too strong!)

Anyway, the point is that The Gentlemen's Expo did not disappoint!  I had been excited to attend, and I am happy to report that it surpassed what I had hoped I would see!  I definitely look forward to seeing its continued success, and can foresee it getting even bigger!  If you get the chance to check it out, you should!  It was definitely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon (because beards and suits!)

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