• 4 hours of sword and dagger action with a great teacher from the ilustrisimo school of Kali!
  • Culture Toronto signature martial arts atmosphere - fun, open, playful, focused and respectful to your previous knowledge
  • a chance to build upon previous swordplay knowledge with the Filipino method of using the Sword and Dagger!
  • Culture Toronto's signature circle where you will be challenged to test your skills on the spot!

What's happening?

Fan of the fighting in Bruce Lee with 2 sticks, Jason Bourne, Kickass, Book of Eli, Mission Impossible, or Hanna? You've come to the right place online and we hope to see you in person! 

Culture Toronto's martial arts events are characterized by their inclusion of real-deal experts, the creation of a space where nobody is pressured beyond their desire, yet where participants can test their skills in a way where nobody gets hurt (as long as you listen and respect what you're learning) and everybody has fun.

In this event, our exploration of martial arts is taking us to the Philippines, a crossroads of religions, philosophies and fighting arts from around the globe. Kali is a martial art that is problem solving oriented, and when your problem is a sword in your opponent's hand, you'll want to know the very best ways to deal! Kali is informed by the many types of people that have passed through it, including the Malaysian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese warriors.

To guide us in this journey, Culture Toronto has reached out to Guro Archie Luz who will teach us a riveting sword and dagger lesson from his knowledge as a practitioner and teacher of the ilustrisimo school of Kali. The sword and dagger is an exciting yet very dangerous combination that will demand your focus as you attack and defend with your hands, and move your body and feet in the most efficient ways you can!

Culture Toronto will be providing other weapons we've explored for our signature end of class circle where various combinations of weapons can be tested against each other in playful ways geared towards learning, understanding and competition.

Do you practice HEMA or attend The Art of The European Sword? This is a perfect next stop for you!


Saturday January 21st from 6-10pm


Undisputed MMA, 127 Sunrise Avenue #3, Toronto, ON, M4A 1A9


With extremely limited spots, please book online asap below!