WHAT: This is an exclusive Culture Toronto sword event for those that have taken The Art of The European Sword I or II with Culture Toronto or have martial arts experience training with Sherif Badr or Aaron Belorinho directly, or have video proof of your prowess with a sword of any kind. We need 10 people for this epic event to run and the plan is to build on the skills learned in both I and II to bring everyone up to speed in preparation for Art of The European Sword III. We are moving towards learning more advanced engagements and disarms. Who will win our King of The Iron Throne circle at the end?

HISTORY: After months of learning at The Academic of Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA), Culture Toronto staff received permission to put on a 1 day seminar that is meant to teach you the basics of sword combat. Now we offering parts I, part II and part 2.5! However, since these build on each other, you usually need to take 1 before the other. 

Swords will be provided, as well as gauntlets and helmets for specific drills. This will be a 3 hour session (probably slightly longer, as we often go over having a little too much fun) and will include motivational orientation and the opportunity to meet awesome people in Toronto that want to get better and do not fear defeat or more accurately, opportunities to learn!

WHEN: Saturday November 12 from 6-9pm

WHERE: 927 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6H 1Z1



This opportunity does not normally exist and was developed by Culture Toronto and AEMMA staff. The cost will be $60 + tax and we need 10 people to attend. If you buy a ticket and we do not reach 10 people by November 12th we will keep promoting until we do, and then we'll find a date that works for everybody. 


Buy your tickets below!

You can also purchase tickets via paypal by visiting:

1 ticket --> paypal.me/culturetoronto/67.8

2 tickets --> paypal.me/culturetoronto/135.6

Thank you for attending events by Culture Toronto!

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