WHAT: The Tour De Stryke is a 3 hour event where attendees can choose 3 out of the 4 activities available to test accuracy and gain points for their team. The 4 activities available to choose from are archery, axe throwing, knife throwing and automatic air guns. Our default choices are axe throwing, knife throwing and archery.

THE DEAL:  In collaboration with Stryke, we are offering this experience to you at $45 (10% off) and to top it off, we've partnered with 1FOR hunger such that each ticket purchased buys 5 meals to those in need within the GTA. Come join us for good fun and a good cause!

The chance to do a combination of archery, axe throwing, knife throwing and automatic air guns plus feeding 5 people per ticket makes this a solid and rewarding deal! We could easily spend $45 for just one of these activities.

WHEN: Saturday February 20th between 1-4pm. Please arrive 10-15mins early so we can register you.

WHERE:  240 Clarence St. Unit #5, Brampton, ON, L6W 1T4


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Tour De Stryke: Weapon of Choice with CTO and 1FOR hunger
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