Our first students made beautiful rings! Here are some of them:

What to expect:

  • Full day of metalsmithing with an award winning artist and metalsmith in Toronto
  • Create beautiful rings of your own design out of real sterling silver
  • Learn metalsmithing secrets that will inspire you to learn more
  • Choose the ring design you'll make
  • Choose the stone you want Jay to set for you (optional)

WHAT:  Learn the art of metal smithing and create beautiful gift rings under metal artist Jay Joo. This is the perfect event for couples that want to learn something raw together as well as create something custom and beautiful for each other that they will cherish forever. This is also a fantastic opportunity for someone that would like to make a ring as a surprise gift to someone special.

 There will be hammering of hot metal!

There will be hammering of hot metal!

THE DEAL: Usually, couple rings are quite expensive, let alone learning how to make them. The fact that you get to make a ring out of sterling silver, learn all the techniques needed and have an award winning metal smith set your stone as well is amazing. This could easily be nearly a grand per ring but it's only $175 + tax per person. Each stone and stone setting is only $20 per ring. 


Culture Toronto was attracted to Jay Joo because of his work on armour as well as his prestigious Harbourfront Centre placement where artists are given a space to work and teach for a year. After graduating, Jay opened his jewellery studio and has been teaching classes and workshops for the past 4 years. Jay was also the first person we called when we needed a re-interpretation of John Snow's Long Claw:

WHEN: This session is occurring on April 14th, from 10am to 5pm

WHERE: JJ Studio - 825 Bloor Street W., Toronto ON Canada, M6G 1M1


1. Choose Ring Styles:

2. Choose Stone

Black onyx is also available as a stone :)

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The Art Of Metal Smithing: Rings
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