WHAT: After being assigned a team, you will battle using foam tipped arrows that are completely safe. Stakes are high this time with Culture Toronto as the winning team will take away prizes straight out of our #CulturedBox.

THE DEAL: Based on Archery Terminal's regular price 3 hours would be $74.40/person. However we are running a flash deal right now which people may see when visiting our website. The flash sale would bring the 3 hour session at a value of $45."

At only $25 it's safe to say that Culture Toronto is hooking it up!

WHEN: Sunday, January 17th, from 2-5pm. Arrive 1:30pm to register, train and meet your team!

WHERE: Archery Terminal - 1100 Courtneypark drive e, unit 3, Mississauga, ON, L5T1L7


A Premium Culture Toronto Experience

The Archery Tag Battle For Bounty is an awesome excuse to get together with Culture Toronto, shoot arrows, exercise and be merry. Usually, it's $25 for 75 minutes at Archery Terminal. Archery Terminal and Culture Toronto is giving you the price of $25 for 180 minutes of play time and a premium Culture Toronto experience we've thought of to take things to the next level. The winning team will walk away with prizes right from our #CulturedBox and glory. 

Thank you for joining Culture Toronto - you can always pay at the door!!

We had 2 payment options for your convenience:

Payment Option 1) PAYPAL

- best for bank account payments

Payment Option 2) TRUSTe

- best for quick credit card payments 

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