• Muay Thai and Padwork (at your pace)
  • 2 hour Budokon Yoga (similar to Hatha)
  • A seasoned yoga instructor that we have hand picked from Toronto yoga studios. They also have love and experience in martial arts, perfect for this!
  • Founder of Muay Thai program at UofT to lead Muay Thai portion
  • A great Muay Thai gym
  • limited spots for more care and focus on you!!!
  • judgment free environment
  • all levels of fitness and experience welcome

Yoga For Warriors at Warrior Muay Thai:
This event includes a 2-hour session of Budokon Yoga. Budokon Yoga is a dynamic
yoga style that was developed by Kancho Cameron Shayne as a fusion of yoga, martial
arts, Zen meditation, calisthenics, and the study of animal movement (animal
locomotion). The Budokon practice is a seamless, transition-based yoga flow that
combines traditional yoga positions with innovative Budokon movements and
transitions. Yoga Tree instructor Shaun will introduce you to the Budokon primary series
and explore movements from yoga, calisthenics, mobility, and animal locomotion related
to the series. Join us for a unique and powerful Yoga practice that improves mobility,
agility, strength, and stamina for both new practitioners and professional athletes.
Shaun has a martial arts background and is an experienced yoga teacher trained in
Budokon and other styles of yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative).

The Plan in Short:


Time for healing and getting stronger! Our newest healing yoga session with our special hired instructor from Yoga Tree will come with a twist, being held at Warrior Muay Thai - a great gym with nice tatami mat floors, a boxing ring, and boxing bags. With the right floor and equipment on hand, Warrior Muay Thai is perfect for our Muay Thai session to follow the 2 hours of yoga!


After all that sitting and computing, it's only right to give those hips and shoulders the recentering they deserve. But at the same time, how about a little martial arts strengthening?

In addition to bringing us together, the addition of meditative elements make these events great unplugs from the erratic alert filled lives we all live. Keep your cell in the gym bag after your selfies ok?



Meet our Special Yoga Instructor Shaun!

A MESSAGE FROM YOUR CULTURE TORONTO HOST: Admittedly, I'm not a "yoga person" by default. But, it turns out that years of martial arts followed by years of sitting at a desk job will take a toll on your fitness. I've sprained both ankles multiple times, had at least a few dislocations and subluxations and  gained a few  from university and working in technology!  I've done all sorts of athletic therapy and physical therapy and none of them have helped as much as consistent Yoga. Let's meet up together, share stories, and have an epic hatha yoga session with one of the best instructors in Toronto! We made some great memories last time!



Warrior Muay Thai, 68 Railside Rd b, North York, ON M3A 3P8

August 25th, 3:30-6:30pm


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  • $35 +HST per person
Healing Hatha Yoga with Culture Toronto
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Q: When will I receive my tickets?

A: We don't actually send out physical tickets. When you buy your tickets, we put your name on a guest list while you are sent a digital confirmation of your purchase.

Q: What if this is my first time doing yoga?

A: Then you definitely need to come!