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  • 2 hours of hatha yoga
  • A seasoned instructor that we have hand picked 
  • One of the best Yoga facilities in the heart of downtown Toronto
  • easily accessibly by TTC
  • limited spots for more care and focus on you!!!
  • judgment free environment
  • all levels of fitness and experience welcome
  • free tea!

A MESSAGE FROM YOUR HOST: Admittedly, I'm not a "yoga person" by default. But, it turns out that years of martial arts followed by years of sitting at a desk job will hurt your joints. I've sprained both ankles multiple times, had at least a few dislocations and subluxations and to add insult to injury, gained a few points from university and working in technology!  I've done all sorts of athletic therapy and physical therapy, including pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and none of them have helped as much as consistent Yoga. Let's meet up together, share stories, and have an epic hatha yoga session with one of the best instructors in the best yoga facility in Toronto! We made some great memories last time!

What is Hatha Yoga?

To begin, the word hatha literally means “effort,” “force,” or “exertion,” and as such has a couple important implications when designating the physical branch of Yoga.  First, “hatha yoga” technically refers to an approach to Yoga which begins with exertion or physical effort.  Traditionally, we would start with conspicuous effort (i.e., the poses), then work toward more subtle practices, (breathwork, muscular and energetic “locks” designed to guide the flow of energy, etc.), before finally moving to the more internal level of meditation.

The second importance of the term hatha is the reminder it provides that we will need to apply effort if we hope to advance in our practices.  Simply put, many of us presume the spiritual path will be easier than it actually is.  As a result, we often get discouraged and allow ourselves to be derailed by distractions and temptations.  The fact that this is called the path of “effort” reminds us that spiritual work takes every bit as much exertion and dedication as physical work, and that we shouldn’t let that effort discourage us.  The term “The Yoga of Effort” reminds us that this exertion is completely natural and normal, ultimately helping us stay positive and on track.

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 A beautiful facility with a room just for us.

A beautiful facility with a room just for us.

Meet our instructor Karen!


Yoga Tree at Bay & Dundas,  123 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C4

Saturday May 12th, 4:15-6:15pm

P.S. great food places for after!


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  • $45 +HST per person
Healing Hatha Yoga with Culture Toronto
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Q: When will I receive my tickets?

A: We don't actually send out physical tickets. When you buy your tickets, we put your name on a guest list while you are sent a digital confirmation of your purchase.

Q: What if this is my first time doing yoga?

A: Then you definitely need to come!

Q: I don't own a yoga mat / don't want to carry one there

A: high quality yoga mats will be available for rent for $2 from Yoga Tree