WHAT:  Day after Halloween.. Is there a better time to sharpen your axe throwing skills for a possible zombie apocalypse? Okay, so this in truth has nothing to do with actual zombies or simulated zombie training. Axe throwing is a serious game for serious men and women. It is a test of skill, accuracy, and strength. It is also a hell of a lot of fun. It's hard to describe the feeling when your thrown axe buries into the wooden target across your lane - "amazing" or "extremely satisfying" will do though. Even better when you hit the center of the target!

WHEN: Sunday November 1st between 4-7pm

WHERE: Bad Axe Throwing



Usually this is $44.25 + TAX which is $50.

Culture Toronto was hooking up early birds for 20% off for early birds but you can get get 10% off below ($45 flat)


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