Hi everyone,

It was such a pleasure hosting our first legit event Oct 4th at Archery Terminal.  You're all probably super pleased to note that there's no pictures of us destroying the Popeyes that followed; there's a beast in every man and woman, and it's awakened when there's fried chicken, fries and mac after physical activity involving bows and arrows.

I do really hope you had a good time though and will be there to do great things with us in the future. Help us make sure that the next event will be better. 


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Culture Toronto Team

WHAT: Shooting safe foam tipped arrows at each other in sweats, army fatigues or full on cosplays - whatever floats your boat! + Food, snacks and drinks included

WHEN: Sunday October 4 between 3-6pm

WHERE: Archery Terminal, Mississauga


Sorry, as of 1:13AM on the day of the event, the online methods to purchase a ticket are no longer available. See you there! :) 

Note: Normally the archery tag is about $30 alone. Culture Toronto worked some magic to make this cost $20 WITH food and no extra charges, but only if you buy online. It will be $30 at the door with no guarantees to food because we aren't able to make proper preparations for you as we can if you buy your ticket online early.

OPTION 1: Reserve your Archery Tag, Food and Drink via PayPal (best option for debit / money in the bank payments):

OPTION 2: Reserve your Archery Tag, Food and Drink via TRUSTe (VISA or Mastercard):

MAD FUN = Archery Tag + Food at an awesome price!

Every day when we spend on things, from drinks to transportation, we are voting for the companies we want to exist in the future. By supporting this event, you're voting for Culture Toronto!

Special thanks to Archery Terminal for partnering with us on this!

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